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Our passion lies in premium Client Service, understanding that change is no small matter for any customer that the manner in how you plan and execute delivery of a solution is as important as the solution itself.

We leverage leading Change Management, Enterprise Transformation and Program Development principles to support our strategies. We lean on our extensive experience in the Life Sciences, Health Services, and Human Resources areas to strategize without barriers, manage risk and deliver with confidence.

Clockwise Industries

We have extensive experience driving new builds, conversions, upgrades, and cross-platform integrations with some of the top enterprise applications in the world including:

Oracle | SAP | SalesForce Workday | ServiceNow

We are IT Delivery experts for the following industries, because we have worked with the applications, data and business practices that live in their space:

HR | Life Sciences | Health Services | Finance

Methodology & Compliance


Your project delivery success is directly related to the type of delivery you need for your business. There’s no sense in wedging a square peg in a round hole and we take the same approach with Solution Delivery. Depending on your track record and maturity level, Clockwise will offer you tailored services and match you with a delivery expert who has the right mindset.


Change is an innate part of the human experience, causing conflict, closing current chapters while writing the next one on the fly. While change for humans is typically critical for growth, it is also difficult to manage especially when it is unplanned. Organizational change, as described above requires humans at every step of the transformation journey and so accounting for implementation of change without considering the people involved, is a cardinal error.



Our Clockwise network of independent professionals bring their own skill sets and experiences to the table while sharing common profiles. We are Senior and Principle Delivery Experts with an average of 15 years of experience, some of which have worked through multiple technological generations including the .com explosion, mainframe conversions, the birth and evolution of the enterprise application, mobile technology, shifting to the cloud and ioT integration.


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